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Bed Lift Mechanism in India

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To install the bed lift mechanism in India, there are the steps for your reference.

1. Cut an Optional* 5” hardwood lumber cleat to the same length as the 2 pedestal walls that will receive the mechanism.This length may be either the side walls or the head and foot walls providing that the wall is long enough for the mechanism.

2. Place the mechanism on the 5” wide cleat with the top of the angle iron flush with the top of the cleat and not closer to either end of the cleat than 1/8”.

3. Positioning the bed lift mechanism so that the top angle iron and the bottom bar are not parallel. See illustration。

4. Mark the location of the four mounting holes on the lever at the bottom of the cleat.

5. Remove the lifting mechanism from the cleat and drill four 25/64” holes to install 5/16” mounting screws and Tee Nuts

6. Assemble the right and left mechanisms to the right and left cleat and tighten the mounting screws.

7. Position the cleat on the inside of the base wall so that the top edge of the cleat is flush with the side wall. Glue and screw into place. Fasteners will not be visible on the outside of the pedestal.8. Place and center the platform on the pedestal. Carefully lift the top and mechanism arms and mark hole locations. 

8. Secure the top to the mechanism and perform on-off cycles to ensure there is no interference 

9.The platform will move laterally as it lifts up and down, for easy access.

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