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Features of Slatted Bed Frame

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Slatted bed frame bed support the mattress by the slatted bed frame, you can lie directly. It is flexible and made of metal square tube, curved wood or plastic material. The current slatted bed frames can be folded and set off, that is connected to the bed by the pneumatic bar.

The features of the slatted bed frame :

1. It has a certain degree of elasticity.The flexibility of the bed, combined with the elasticity of the mattress, will make it more comfortable for the person to lie on and benefit the human body.

2. The breathability of the skeleton is better than a wooden plank. It is a combination of slats with gaps between the planks which can increase the air mobility and improve the breathability of the bed . 3. With the wider range of force, the frame can disperse the intensity evenly, so that each row of ribs can withstand more than 120kg of force. Because of the uniform force, there will be no dangling phenomenon for the vertebral, which can improve sleep quality.

4. The normal endurance is 350-400 kg, the bearing capacity of slatted frame is much more larger than the wood plate.

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