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Installation Notes of the Pneumatic Supporting Bar

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Pneumatic supporting bar is the most important part of the bed lift mechanism. To install the pneumatic supporting bar, there are some key points to know.

1. Gas spring piston rod must be installed down, can not be a flip, which can reduce friction and ensure the best quality of damping and cushioning performance.

2. The fulcrum of the installation location determines whether the gas spring can work correctly or not. The gas spring must be installed in the correct way. That is, when closed, it must move through the center line of the structure, otherwise, the gas spring will push the door open automatically.

3. In operation, the gas spring force should not be subjected to oblique or lateral forces. It can not be used as handrail.

4. To ensure the reliability of the seal, the piston rod surface must not be damaged. Do not apply paint and chemicals on the piston rod.

5. Gas springs are high pressure products. No fire roasted or hit.

6. Do not turn the gas spring piston rod to the left. If the connector direction needed to be adjusted, you can only turn it to the right.

7. The temperature for using:-35℃-+70℃

8. Install the connection point, the rotation should be flexible, there should be no jamming phenomenon.

9. Select the reasonable size and appropriate force. There should keep 8mm for the piston rod stroke.

During the installation of the pneumatic supporting bar on the lift bed, you must pay more attention to the above notes. Hope the notes can help you.

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