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composition of the bed box lifter

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The bed box lift consists of angle iron, connecting iron, gas spring, force piece and fixed flat iron. Below the bed box lift wholesaler Xiaobian to tell you about the lift knowledge.

The angle iron is connected with the gas spring, and the force piece is connected with the fixed iron and the angle iron.

The force piece is connected with the angle iron and the fixed flat iron. Both ends of the gas spring are respectively connected with the angle iron and the force piece. Our products have the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, light and durable, high lift strength and not easily damaged.

The bed box lifter has 0.85 meters in length, 1.0 meter in 1.08 meters and 1.1 meters in length; the pressure is 50 kg, 70 kg, 80 kg and 90 kg. According to angle steel forming steel and iron bending points. The surface is derusted and then sprayed with green plastic powder. The plastic powder has various colors. Generally, there are gray, light gray, black and silver gray.

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