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  • Feb
    Adjustable Firmness Levels for Slatted Bed Frames

    For the best possible night's rest, it's important to be able to adjust the firmness of your slatted bed frame for different regions of your body. This is especially true for the areas around your hips and shoulders, since they exert the most pressure on the slatted bed frame itself.

  • Feb
    Extra Features for Slatted Bed Frames

    Two options available on some slatted bed frames which greatly increase comfort are frames with movable slats and slatted bed frames with multiple zones of different levels of firmness. This feature is intended to allow some parts of your body like wide shoulders or hips to sink in deeper than narro

  • Feb
    Are Bed Slats Required?

    Bed slats aren't supposed to be perfectly rigid. Slatted bed frames should be just as comfortable as a traditional mattress and box spring combination.

  • Feb
    What Is a Slatted Bed Frame?

    Standard slatted bed frames are very simple pieces of furniture.Most slatted bed bases are made of a combination of wood and metal.

  • Jan
    Slatted Bed Frames

    Kexin’s black metal bed frame with wood slats fits standard mattresses.

  • Jan
    Fixing Directions of Standard Mechanism

  • Jan
    Hydraulic Bed Lift Mechanisms

    Compared with other models, the advantages of hydraulic lifting bed is difficult to underestimate. Looking at the homes and apartments, people always think about the same question: how much storage space is there? With a hydraulic lift bed, you have the opportunity to turn dead, unused space into do

  • Jan
    Practical Advantages of Bed with Lift Mechanism

    Most people find that it is a a real pain to change bed sheets. Trying to get the fitted sheet around all the corners and line up perfectly can make you seriously consider just sleeping on the dirty sheets for another week. Beds with the hydraulic lifting mechanism put an end to that nightmare.

  • Jan
    Bed with lift Mechanism Can Help Get Rid of Clutter

    As the bed lift mechanism bed is more and more piopular, one of the advantages of hydraulic lift beds is that bed with lift mechanism can help get rid of clutter.

  • Jan
    Bed Lift Mechanism Help You Store Valuable Items

    In a perfect world, there would be no sin. However, we all know the world is perfect. According to the Electronic Security Association, there is a burglary once every 15 seconds in the United States. Such numbers may sound worrisome (of course not punitive),but the theft and home invasions are some

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