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Extra Features for Slatted Bed Frames

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Two options available on some slatted bed frames which greatly increase comfort are frames with movable slats and slatted bed frames with multiple zones of different levels of firmness. This feature is intended to allow some parts of your body like wide shoulders or hips to sink in deeper than narrower waist areas, for instance. The goal is to allow your spine to lie relaxed in the most natural position possible without creating pressure points. The same thing is true for the neck and shoulder area, which is one place people experience a large amount of tension. Your slatted bed frame should ideally relax the neck by allowing it to rest in a supported, natural posture.

Movable slats offer additional comfort. These slatted bed frames are divided into multiple sections and allow the user to raise the foot or head end of the bed as needed. Elevating your feet can have a positive effect on your veins by relieving pressure. The same thing is true for your upper body. Your angle of inclination should be a maximum of 45 degrees to allow you to sit up comfortably and read in bed, for instance. Some slatted bed frames offer more adjustment options than others; choose extra adjustable sections for the most comfort possible.

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