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Are Bed Slats Required?

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slatted bed frame.jpgBed slats aren't supposed to be perfectly rigid. Although platform bed frames are usually made of inflexible metal bars, the big advantage of wooden slats is that they do have some give and can curve downwards and adjust to fit your body and your sleeping position. This usually makes them much more comfortable than rigid metal bed frames; the flexibility of natural wood slats replaces the spring action used in innerspring mattresses and box springs, so you don't need a box spring at all. Your bed will be thinner, leaving more storage space under the bed or allowing you to have a lower bed, which makes your bedroom look larger.

Slatted bed frames should be just as comfortable as a traditional mattress and box spring combination. Some slatted bed frames have movable components which allow you to adjust them to different levels of firmness for a personalized night's rest. Others have different zones – foot zones or upper body zones, for example – where the level of firmness is increased or decreased. One final option available for slatted bed frames as well as other types of bed frames is an electronically controlled system of adjusting the firmness level or height of the mattress. This isn't just a matter of personal taste – it can be medically necessary if you're suffering from certain conditions or if you have limited mobility. This buying guide will look at a total of five considerations you should think about when you're looking for a high quality slatted bed frame.

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