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Installation Tips of Gas Spring

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Gas spring is currently one of the more widely used springs, but many users still encounter some problems when installing and using the following to introduce the installation method.

1. The installation can be considered before the test to see if we can meet the space. Need gas springs in the same core pocket with a coil spring so as to ensure the integrity of the bottom pocket depth should be limited to maintain the angle between 30 degrees, Spring full contact, the installation should also consider the entire thread style, if the pocket is too shallow, its core may be deeper.

2. Gas springs in the installation of the piston rod must be installed down, not flip. This reduces friction and ensures the best damping quality and cushioning properties. The installation of the fulcrum of the good and bad will directly determine the gas spring can work normally, when the fulcrum is closed, let it move to near the centerline, so you can automatically push the door open. Gas spring should not be tilted force or lateral force, shall not be used as handrails. Such a long time will lead to changes in the structure of gas springs.

3. The gas spring to ensure the reliability of the seal shall not damage the piston rod surface. It is forbidden to paint paint and chemical substances on the piston rod. The gas spring should not be pre-installed in the required position for processing such as welding, grinding, spray paint, etc. This will affect the service life of the gas spring. In the course of the work must ensure that the appearance of the equipment clean and tidy. Gas springs in the work will produce a internal force to the warehouse, so as to ensure the best damping effect and buffer function.

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