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Gas spring support rod installation methods and precautions

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The practical range of gas spring support rod from some basic automobile trunk, engine hood support to the development of machinery manufacturing industry, accessories for the equipment support, equipment shock absorption, tooling lid support, the medical industry, fitness equipment and other fields .

Mainly rely on the seal to seal the middle of the ring material to improve the rigidity of the metal ring, wrapped in special elastic rubber near the stick piston rod play the role of gas seal.

The installation method and precautions are as follows:

First, the support rod gas spring installation method,when installing a compression strut gas spring, it is necessary to use an accurate method, which moves over the centerline when closed, otherwise the door will often be pushed open.

The compressed gas spring piston rod must be positioned downwards during installation to reduce friction and ensure the best damping quality and cushioning performance.

Second, support rod gas springs Note:

With the availability of gas springs further recognized, its use in various fields is also more widely used.

1. Piston rod is not painted, do not agree to support the gas spring installed in the desired location after the first spray, paint.

2. Support rod gas spring in the work should not be tilted force or lateral force.

3. Support rod gas spring piston rod, do not rotate to the left.

4 support bar gas spring is prohibited roasted, smash hit.

5 gas strut spring for the high-pressure products, please do not arbitrarily analyze.

6. The support rod gas spring selection, in determining the installation location, you should first copy the model number, size specifications to choose

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