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Platform Bed Lift Mechanisms

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Considering the amount of unused space under a normal bed, it is not surprising that this is one of the most popular places for storing items. But who wants to creep around and avoid dust rabbits? This lift and mattress platform solves these two problems. With just one hand you can lift the platform to show ample storage space, all visible, easy to touch, and prevent dust from accumulating on your items. The gas piston provides an easy-to-open elevator and inhibits movement when closed. 


The lift can be oriented to open;

Two lift mechanisms from the bed side or the bottom of the bed, each with a gas piston and a sturdy steel frame mattress platform that moves away from the wall as it enhances better clearance and more;

Easy access to wooden parts not included;

Materials should equal or exceed 3/4 inch hardwood plywood and 4/4 hardwood lumber;

Not suitable for springs

How to choose the right lift: To ensure proper operation, please add your mattress weight to yours Platform weight. The sum of these numbers should be as close as possible to the listed lifting capacity. According to size, thickness and material, the weight of the mattress is significantly different. If you do not know the weight, contact the manufacturer.

If you do not know your platform weight, use the following: 77 lbs. 100lbs for a dual size platform. 115 pounds for a full-size platform

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