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Note to use gas spring

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1. As the use environment of construction machinery is rather harsh, the tightness of the gas spring is required to be high, and dust and other debris should be prevented from entering the gas spring during use. In addition, prevent sharp tools from scratching or damaging the surface of the gas spring piston rod, and do not paint the piston rod with paint and corrosive chemicals.

2. Gas spring stroke should be based on the work of the trip plus a certain margin (about 10mm), to avoid errors in the installation process, affect the gas spring life and performance.

3. The gas springs deployed on construction machinery, due to the use of the environment outdoors, have a shorter service life and should be considered when designing.

4. The gas spring working environment temperature range is generally -35 ~ +60 °C.

5. Gas springs cannot withstand lateral forces or oblique forces during the working process. Otherwise, partial wear phenomena will occur, leading to early failure of the gas springs and their design must be considered.

6. For the lighter and no lock device door structure, design to ensure that the door is closed, the connection between the gas spring fixed support point and the active support point through the center of rotation, to ensure that the elasticity of the gas spring can close the door, otherwise The gas spring will often push the door open; for the heavier door structure (cover of the machine), it is better to have a locking device.

7. When the gas spring is in the closed and working state, it cannot have relative movement, and its continuous expansion and contraction amount must be controlled within the required range.

8. The door structure of construction machinery (such as machine covers) is generally heavy. When using gas springs, gas springs with safety devices should be considered to avoid potential safety hazards due to gas spring failure.

9. The gas spring should not be used as a limiting device. Additional limiting devices are required. The rubber head is generally used to limit the position.

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