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Flexibility: Materials, Construction, and Number of Slats

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Manufacturers use different kinds of wood to make slatted bed frames. The most common are ash, beech, and birch woods, which differ in how long-lasting and sturdy they are. Beech wood is an especially good choice since it is so stable and can stand up to such heavy loads. But it's not only the type of wood used in making a slatted bed frame that determines its quality. The number of slats a frame has is also important, as well as how thick they are, especially if they are made with layers of glued wood. Heavier individuals will need more slats, and thicker slats to get the same level of support. If slats are made of layers of wood glued together, heavier people need more layers to ensure their beds will last a long time and provide great sleep.


The width of the slats can also have a big effect on how comfortable your bed will be. Basically, the narrower individual slats are, the more you need to provide support. A large number of thin slats, however, offer excellent comfort, since they are able to adjust uniquely to your body's shape. Fewer, wider slats simply might not be able to cradle your body as you change positions during the night, since there is too much empty space between them. A high quality slatted bed frame should have at least 25 slats, and some have many more. There shouldn't be more than about an inch and a half of space between bed slats for the best pressure relief.


A high quality slatted bed frame will only really shine, however, when it's combined with a good quality mattress. A latex foam or memory foam mattress can adjust perfectly to your body if it's placed on a slatted bed frame with a large number of thin slats. If the slats are too widely spaced, the foam might sag between them and be less comfortable overall. The main goal of buying a foam mattress is to let your bed adjust to your spine; well made slatted bed bases are the perfect way to support all the unique contours of your body. Slatted bed bases made of lots of narrow slats also have another big advantage: they allow good air circulation under your bed and increase the life of your mattress.

Another feature to look out for are the caps on the ends of your slats, which are there to ensure the slat stays in place and is allowed to bend and flex. Rubber and silicone are great materials for this purpose, since they sit flexibly inside the rails on the side of the bed frame. Plastic caps are less flexible and can even break with heavy use. Don't buy a bed frame with slats that are nailed in place; you'll lose the frame's flexibility and the biggest advantage of a slatted bed frame.

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