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Bed Lift Mechanism Installation -Plate Bed Installation

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The Installation Diagram of the Lift Mechanism Bed (2)Plate Bed Installation

The last article have told how to install the bed(Bed Installation), and there we will continue to learn the plate bed installation about the lift mechanism bed. After you bought the bed lift mechanism, please check there is nothing wrong with the lifters. To know more about the bed lift mechanism, please click there.

Connect the pneumatic support and bed lift mechanism with the M6*20 flat head screw.                                           Plate Bed Installation.jpg

Fix the bed lift mechanisms on the left and right bed side panels.

Plate Bed Installation1.jpg

Put the two bed lift mechanisms connected with the bed board together.

Plate Bed Installation2.png

The installation of the bed lift mechanism is finished.

 lift mechanism bed.png

Installed the bed and plate bed, the lift mechanise bed is finished. It is very easy to install, as one of our customers said:" This item is exactly what I thought, it would be the item works well and was fairly easy to install. " The bed with the lift machanism system can help more space. It is very popular at home and aboard. 

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