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Heavy Duty Bed Lift Mechanism

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In the process of using heavy duty bed lift mechanism, people always encounter a variety of problems. Here are some common problems sorted to share with you.

  1. How to detect the quality of bed lifts?

    First, look at the surface, mainly to see whether the surface of the spray paint is uniform, and then see the trip and the transfer of the cylinder whether there is oil spills. If oil spills, then the quality is bad and the seal did not do well. After a period of use, there will be oil spills and leakage phenomenon, because the bed box lift cylinder is filled with a mixture of oil and gas.

  2. How to test lifting force of the bed lift mechanism?

    There we will introduce two easiest ways for your reference.

    1.    Put the bed box lifter perpendicular to the ground, then place heavy objects on the top till the gas spring piston rod to the cylinder, at this point the weight of the objects is the lifting force of the bed lift mechanism.

    2.    Hold the filter bed box lift cylinder, the piston rod is pressed against the vertical section of electronics, and the reading on the electronic scale is probably lifting force of the gas spring.

  3.  If the bed box lift is broken, can it be repaired?

    The answer is no. Once there appears the phenomenon of oil spills or leakage, it means seals inside the bed box lifter have failed, reasons are as  follows:

    (1) The quality of the bed box lift is low. The piston rod is rough and the quality of the seals are poor;

    (2) There appears pit, ditch or sharp thorn on the piston rod, which lacerate the seals;

    (3) Part of the piston rod is sprayed paint, plastic hanging. 

    The reasons above can cause the failure of the seals, resulting in bed lifts scrapped.

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