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How Does the Bed Lift Mechanism Work?

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The bed box lifter is an industrial accessory which has functions of supporting, cushioning, braking, height adjusting and angle adjusting. The lifters are the most important part for the bed lift mechanism.

The working principle of the bed lift mechanism as follow:

The pneumatic rod comprises a hollow tubular outer cylinder extending upright, a hollow tubular inner cylinder coaxially fixed in the outer cylinder and internally defining a gas chamber, and a gas-tight plug movably arranged in the inner cylinder A piston rod extending downwardly from the piston out of the outer cylinder, and a control device hermetically mounted in the upper end of the inner cylinder.

Without external force, the spring naturally extend to the minimum stroke (referring to the compression stroke), that is, the maximum elongation;

Pistons on both sides of the same pressure, due to the force of different areas, resulting in pressure difference to provide gas spring support force;

External compression gas springs, as the strut in the gas chamber volume increases, the effective volume of compressed gas becomes smaller, the gas chamber pressure becomes larger, the pressure difference generated by the support force becomes larger.

The inner cylinder having a cylinder wall made of a hard plastic material and having an outer peripheral surface fixed to an inner peripheral surface of the outer cylinder and a bottom wall extending upwardly from the cylinder wall and communicating with an upper end of the gas chamber at a top end. The control device is selectively connected to and blocked from the upper end of the gas chamber and the top of the flow channel.

Hope this article can help you make a better understanding of how the bed lifting mechanism works. If you want to know more about the bed mechanical system, please pay more attention to our website.

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