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How Does the Hydraulic Mechanism Work?

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Here’s how it works. The bed has the appearance of a normal bed (usually it looks like any platform bed), but if you look more closely you will see either a wood platform or a slatted support system running above the bed frame and under the mattress, secured to the bed. When the platform along with the mattress on top is lifted, a hydraulic piston on each side of the bed supports the raised platform in much the same way that the back door of a hatchback remains up in the air while you need to enter the engine compartment, load the groceries into the hood of your car or car. 

To operate the hydraulic bed, you only need to stand on the base (footboard) of the bed (where your feet would rest while you’re sleeping). Reach below  the mattress, grab the handle of the platform, and start to lift the mattress platform slowly and easily – it won’t take much effort. The higher the platform, the more processes the hydraulic system will take and the less “work” you’ll have to do. Once the mattress platform is in the highest position, the hydraulic system will stop and hold the platform firmly in place.

And what do you have? A large rectangular space is just begging for something to be stored inside. The available space is as large as your bed and between 8 and 12inches in height, which is actually the size of a closet turned on its side and placed flat on the floor.

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