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Hydraulic Bed Lift Kit

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Kexin hydraulic bed lift kits are widely used and popular at home and aboard. Today, we will have a brief introduction about our hydraulic bed lift. The article introduced the bed lift mechanism from three aspects: the drawing, load-bearing specification, and how to chosed the best lift mechianism.

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Before the bed lift up mechanism installed in the bed, the gas strut is in the extended state. Hydraulic bed lift cannot compressed by human strength, which can only used after installed in the bed box, under the principle of leverage.

Try to find a professional staff to install, otherwise it will affect the function of gas strut. General carpentry is able to install this kind of hydraulic bed lift kits.

As the hydraulic bed lift suppliers, there are five load-bearing specifications of Kexin Hardware’s hydraulic bed lift up mechanism:

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The following chart can help you to know how to chose the best lift mechanism. Select the appropriate load and the lift gas strut dimensions, the lift kits can play its greates effect.

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Our product size can be customized, welcome to consult.

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