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Hydraulic Bed Lift Mechanisms for Storage Space

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Simple design has always been the best choice for small apartment decoration. When selecting bed, the practicality as large storage space and strong storage capacity must be considered. What is going to be introduced is the hydraulic box bed with KEXIN bed lift mechanism. 

Kexin liftbed.jpg

1. large storage space and strong storage capacity

lift mechanism bed

The bottom of the whole bed is like a big wardrobe

The biggest advantage of this box bed is a strong storage capacity. You can put your home unused things and clothes into it, does not affect the appearance & the use of the bed. It is very popular especially for small-sized users.

2. hydraulic bed lift up mechanism, easy to open

lift mechanism.jpg

There are usually two open ways for this kind of hydraulic box bed, one is directly lift the board, another way is open with a hydraulic rod.The first one is laborious to open. If the bed has a mattress, it will bring about great difficulties in taking things. However, we also have questions as to whether the hydraulic tie rod be easily damaged. It is impossible that the hardware do not damage at all. The quality of bed lifting mechanism with better brand, such as Kexin Hardware, is guaranteed. So generally there is no problem. And even if there is a problem, it can be replaced. (You should contact the staff for after-sale service.)

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